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Googly Bands Announces MeBands

Googly Bands has announced a brand new line of silicone bands called MeBands. The MeBands line features silicone bracelets with sayings and pictures. Some of the MeBands series one styles include Stop Staring, Adored, Hipster, Addicted To Texting, I Heart Your BF, I'm A Bee, Yogi, Obsessed, BFF, OMG, Rockstar, and Twinsies.  Each MeBands is embossed inside with a unique collector's code.

MeBands are sold at Walmart, Walgreens, and Boscovs. More information about MeBands is available at MeBands.com.



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That's copying Rad Bandz and Rad Bandz are copying Livestrong bracelets that were invented decades ago.

ghey ghey ghey

Whats the collectors code for?

@kajagoogoo What?

Oh no, not more of these! XD

change will take us by the throat

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