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Peanuts Beanie Bandz

In addition to Hello Kitty Beanie Bandz, SpongeBob Beanie Bandz, and Dora The Explorer Beanie Bandz, there are also going to be Peanuts Beanie Bandz. The Peanuts Beanie Bandz Pack contains twelve rubber band bracelets, two each of six different shapes. All Beanie Bandz have the Ty heart shaped logo made into the rubber band. The Peanuts Beanie Bandz designs include Charlie Brown, Linus Van Pelt, Lucy Van Pelt, Snoopy, Snoopy's Doghouse, and Woodstock. Above is a picture of the different Peanuts Beanie Bandz shapes.


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those are awesome

I want those because I absolutely love Peanuts.

cool stuff!

guys my real name is Abby. ive been using a fake name (may) because i wasnt so sure of using my real name. so please from now on just call me abby oh and i got a new blog
if you guys want me to advertise ur blog please tell me in my blog through comment I will only take a couple of people. I knew it takes getting use to calling someone a new name

oh sorry in my last comment i put my name as may

Congrats on your new blog, Abby. :)

thanx u inspired me :)

Sorry tat kinda sounds dumb

I like the idea of putting what the shape is on the band. I have a ton of bracelets, and I hear 'what's that one derp' about fifty times a day.

Your welcome Abby.

You can order these at http://www.fabricfriendsdolls.com/ eCommerce site. They are available now. They have all of the newer Ty Beanie Bandz that have been out the last few months.

beanie bandz.huh? i don't really need them.

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