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Spelling Bandz

The Spelling Bandz Pack contains ten rubber band bracelets. Above is a photo of the front of the Spelling Bandz Pack. The ten letters in the pack spell out a secret word.

Here is a photo of the back of the Spelling Bandz Pack.

Here is a photo of all the different letters in the Spelling Bandz Pack.  Can you figure out what secret word the letters are supposed to spell?



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thats a cool idea!! thw Os r kinda boring, though...

Oh ya I saw those at a Hallmark in the Mall of Georgia once

That's a cool idea. And the shapes are cool. I want them.

thats a cool idea!!! and the bright colors and shapes r awesome!

I have that exact same pack!! word number #120 too!

hahaha spelling bandz r those not pretty much just letters like an alphabet pack? lol but luv the colors!

love thesee i wantt themm

i know what the letter spell it's schoolwork

I got some,but they are way too small on my wrists. :-(

i have some. there cool. here want my code it might come in handy.
its fake

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