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Walmart Bands

Walmart has launched their own line of shaped rubber bands. All the Walmart Bands packs contain twenty-four rubber band bracelets and are being sold for two dollars a pack. At my local Walmart, there was an whole big display over near the jewelry section of Walmart Bands. Walmart Bands have generic names on the front like Rain Forest Bands, Zoo Creature Bands, Dress Up Bands, Sea Creature Bands, Bug Bands, Rocker Bands, Princess Bands, Animal Bands, Girly Stuff Bands and more. On the back, they all say they are distributed by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.


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OMG!!!!!!!!!! i am so excited cuz i live like 30 secconda away from a wallmart!!!

Yes, I just bought the Fruit, Alphabet, Sea, and Rainforest. They are in the jewlrey section.

I got the letters pack from walmart....

Yeah they're over in jewelry section although there kind of hidden.

i have the rainforest pack!!!!!!!!!!!

I am also very upset with the quiality in these! In the sea pack, instead of 4 whales, they gave me 3 and a RHINO! Also in the Alphabet back, the I is too small to put on and they gave me 2 P's!

They are ugly and broke easily. I bought 2 packs and they are junk!

the rock pack is cool but they do look stupid

Googly Bands are also poor quality.There either cut off,twisted(you can't fix the twist)or they are really fat.Dosn't that company care about kids?Has anyone else experienced this?

yea, i have! i have only pack of googly bands and 250 silly bandz in all. mt friend got a couple of packs and they r all fat and twisted!

i got 2 packs today and so did my sis! we got princess and dress up (mine) and fruit and rainforrest (my sissies) and we were both really excited and happy with the quality!

i got 2 packs of googly bands. In one pack, they were REALLY thick and one of them was about to break.
but in the other pack, they were really thin and stretchy. And my friend has a googly that she stretched alot and now it wont return to its original shape.

i luv googly bands, itz just sometimes the quality iznt that great.

the quality from the internet isn't alsays so great. GO TO THE STORE YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!! and no shipping price

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