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More Marvel Bandz In The Works

If you're a fan of Marvel Comics characters, then you're going to have plenty of choices when it comes to finding rubber band bracelets of your favorite Marvel superheroes. There are at least three different companies producing Marvel Bandz. I've previously blogged about Marvel Silly Bandz, HerDirect's SpiderMan Bandz, and various Marvel Bandz assortments from Forever Collectibles. I've just learned that Forever Collectibles has four more previously unannounced Marvel Bandz assortments in the works.

New Marvel Bandz assortments planned by Forever Collectibles include Marvel Comics SpiderMan Villains Bandz, Marvel Comics SpiderMan Series 2 Bandz, Marvel Comics X-Men Series 1 Bandz, and Marvel Comics X-Men Series 2 Bandz. Some of the characters that will be part of the X-Men Bandz assortments include Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Iceman, Magneto, Gambit, Beast, Angel, and Nightcrawler.


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