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Make Your Own Custom Bandz

I got an email from a company that has come up with a way for kids to make their own custom bandz. CustomBandz has both an ebook and an iPhone app that explains the process. CustomBandz was created by two moms and their seven year old children. The CustomBandz ebook or iPhone app tells you how to create your own bandz with ingredients you can buy at your local stores. The app comes with instructions, 50 designs and a new free design everyday.

The printable ebook is available at Custom-Bandz.com and the CustomBandz iPhone app is available on iTunes. I checked out CustomBandz and they have some really cool designs that you can make. They even have some funny designs like a rotten egg and a smelly sock.


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Hey Allie! I got the iPhone App! It's 2.99. i love iT!

OMG!That's so cool! Have you tried it yet Allie?

Oh wow, that's really cool! :)
Looks sorta difficult to trace though.

i agree. u have 2 trace it on ur iphone. does the iphone give u "bandz" 2 trace?

That sounds epic! What kind of shapes are there??

sweet! what ingredients did you use? is it just silicone from a store?

:O That is too cool!

Good but bad idea.

And by bad I mean, Silly Bandz has more competition, and the legit Silly Bandz ROCK! But now these ppl know the secret to making them!

erm how do u do it??? i mean what ingrediants do u need

this is so cool can you purchase the beanz you made or do you make them?? sorry, i didnt read the article yet but now i will read it

oh now i get it!!!! that was really smart

tht koolio im goin 2 try 2 make my own bandz! so ya

i have it & it doesnt work, i tried so many times, its a GIANT FAIL! i went back to buying sillys because its way more fun and worth it. making them is aggrivating!dont waste ur money on custom bandz

must say, i LUV it. I have the rarest bands on the block - they're 1 of a kind b/c I can make whatevs I want! plus its fun

That's really stupid you shouldn't have to pay for the e-book you should just be able to print it out or downlad it onto your computer.

I want that! I have my own company where I make other crafts, and these are PERFECT. :)

that's so cool how did u do that

did u see it

Yo dude i need the recipe if i do not get it then i will not read this again i mean like that app cost something and it is not even my iphone it is my mom or my dad who are going to pay for the app and they think that silly bandz are not as cool as i think they are so i NEED the recipe... thank you :)

I am not sure if it does work.

the ingredients are silicone 11 2x stretch caulk and paint

Can you tell us how much silicon and how much paint to use? Are there any special instructions? I would like to make some for the different things my kids are learning about in school. Thanks!

Where did you find the silicone stuff?:3)
(this is a smiley face with a mustache)

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