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Harry Potter Bandz

Forever Collectibles started out licensing sports teams for their Logo Bandz line, but now they have been licensing numerous entertainment properties for their Character Bandz line. In what could be their biggest brand since Disney Bandz, Forever Collectibles will be producing Harry Potter Bandz. Yes, everyone's favorite boy wizard is getting the Silly Bandz treatment. There are going to be several different rubber band designs based on Harry Potter.

Here is a picture of some of the shapes in one of the series. These Harry Potter Bandz shapes include Glasses, Owl, Lightning Bolt, Feather, and Harry Potter rubber band bracelets.

Other Harry Potter Bandz assortments will include Harry Potter Back To School Bandz, Harry Potter Teachers Bandz, Harry Potter Creatures Bandz, Harry Potter House Crests Bandz, and Harry Potter Quidditch Bandz.


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that is realy cool ' '

Where do I find these??????????????????????


WHERE DO U FIND THESE?????????????

how wold you wear the glasses?

WHERE CAN I FIND THEM?!?!?!?!?!??!

where i can find it, is any website from where I can get..

You wear the glasses the same way you wear any other silly bandz.

i have one that's like gigantic and blue and it looks like part is fire but i have no clue what it is and i'm pretty sure it's from the harry potter set but i can't figure out what it is

Walmart had them when i went today :) Oh and the gigantic one is either the monster book of monsters or the hogwarts castle. the biggest one is the monster book of monsters though!

does any sight have ones that I dont have?

I have all the series to them :) I'm not telling where to get them though cause they're rare :)

they look awsome

The lightning band looks cool and I like the model of Harry waving his wand. Hope they sell it in our area.

You get them at Target or WalMart or just find them online.

And, to Devan; they're not all rare. Only series 5 out of them all is rare.

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