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Body Rubba Bandz Photos

Last week, I blogged about the Body Rubba Bandz made by P.I.I. This week, I actually got several different packs of P.I.I. rubber band bracelets, and I took some photos of the actual bands. The Body Rubba Bandz Pack contains twelve rubber band bracelets. Here is a photo of the front of the pack.


Here is a photo of the back of the Body Rubba Bandz Pack.

The Body Rubba Bandz assortment contains Hand, Nose, Foot, Lips, Heart and Bone. There are two each of the six different shapes. The colors in the assortment are blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, and orange. My favorites from this assortment are the Nose and the Foot rubber bands.



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is there a story where you can buy these specific oness?

I have lips but they are glitter and look differnet then those. I also have a hand but it's not a mitten like that is it the shapes of an actual hand.

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